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October 2016 in France,

Aldo Pinelli obtained an artist residency in this famous institution. There he worked in a new project: PATAGONIA.

He played live in Marnay-sur-Siene, Provins and, after that, in North Italy.

After that, Aldo was accepted in others three residencies for 2017 in New Zealand, St. Petersburg and France.

Aldo had three new invitations for 2018: Cassis, Barcelona, and Finland. 

For February 2019 Aldo had a new invitation from Visby, Sweden.

The album PATAGONIA and was  released in May 2019 in Europe and Aldo has been there to present it in a concert. Previously, in April, he presented the album in Argentina with his band.

The new trip to France, during October 2019 for an artist residency, found Aldo playing a concert there on October 20th. He retourned to Argentina for a concert at Botanic Garden. 

2020  began with two concerts.

During PANDEMIA, Aldo finished and released his new album "DESDE LA ABADÍA" (From the Abbey).

In March 2021 he played with his band at Botanic Garden again, presenting the new album and he continued in September. 

In April 2022 INVERNALIA played its first two concerts. During this year Aldo Pinelli recieved several invitations to

participate at differents stages to play Medieval Music with his quartet.

In October he was in Spain and Italy to play concerts as solo artist and with CLAN ALDO PINELLI, his italian band.

During 2023 Aldo is playing live with his band and INVERNALIA in different stages. In June INVERNALIA´s new album was released and we wait the release of "NORDISKA VATTEN", the new solo album, in January 2024 by Lizard Records Italy. A new experience and very different music after his experience lived in Sweden.

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